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Digital Marketing has been a buzzword lately and the Digital Marketing industry has opened a world full of opportunities for everyone who wishes to learn it and pursue a career in this field.

In order to do that, learning and implementing digital marketing is the first step that needs to be taken. 

Basic theoretical knowledge of various digital marketing techniques is available everywhere on the internet for Free, but practical implementation is the most important aspect if you wish to be known as a Digital Marketer.

An online course (free or paid), followed by a digital marketing internship is the best way to learn and practically implement digital marketing.

I am an intern at the Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 4 and I get a lot of messages on social platforms asking for my opinion and review on this internship, so I decided to write this in-depth, honest and unbiased review article of the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

In this article, I will try to cover the exact details of this internship program and also share my experiences with the internship till date.

Content Outline:

1. About Digital Deepak Internship Program

2. Structure of the Internship

3. My Learnings from the Digital Deepak Internship Program

4. Digital Deepak Internship Fees

5. Who is eligible to join the Digital Deepak Internship Program?

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Conclusion

About Digital Deepak Internship Program

The Digital Deepak internship program is the brainchild of Deepak Kanakaraju (a.k.a. Digital Deepak), one of the top digital marketing experts in India. Deepak is a digital marketing consultant, speaker, trainer and blogger from Bangalore, India.

This internship is a little different from other internships out there. It is a mixture of a course + internship.

If you are interested in digital marketing and want to learn it practically (by implementing what you learn), then this internship program is something you can try, and the best part is, this program is technically Free for DOERS (How? Explained later in this article).

It is a paid internship where you initially need to pay Digital Deepak a certain amount as a refundable deposit in order to be a part of this program.

It is called a refundable deposit because you get all your money back when you complete the tasks given by Digital Deepak.

Also, there are weekly 2 to 3 live sessions with Digital Deepak and his team which will help you to understand and complete the assignment tasks given during the internship.

On completion of the Internship program, you will also get a certificate from Digital Deepak and also an Internship Excellence Award (framed and delivered to you home) if you are among the top interns who were able to achieve results using techniques taught in the Internship.

Structure Of The Internship

It is a 12-week program (as of batch 4, it may change in future batches) where you will be getting video lessons (Prepared by Digital Deepak) every week and an assignment task based on those video lessons is given that is to be completed within 7 days (this schedule may also change for future batches). After the 12 weeks, there are 4 bonus weeks – each focusing on –

Bonus week 1: Personal Branding;

Bonus week 2: Digital freelancing;

Bonus week 3: Affiliate marketing;

Bonus week 4: Digital mentoring.

Each week there is also a Q&A session conducted by Team Digital Deepak to clear the queries of interns and help them to complete the assignments.

So a total of 3 sessions are there in one week:

  • Video Lesson on a specific topic – This is a recorded video that is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long.
  • Assignment Explanation live session conducted by Deepak Kanakaraju – In this session, Deepak explains what the assignment is and how to do it.
  • Q&A Live Session – In this session, interns are further guided on how to complete the assignment and all of their queries are answered one by one. This session is usually conducted by a member of Team Digital Deepak (In batch 4, Kamna Jain conducted the Q&A sessions)

My Learnings From The Digital Deepak Internship Program

  • Week 1 (Success Mindset) – We did not start with digital marketing from day one, but we were introduced to something very basic yet very powerful, positive thinking and a success mindset. One of the tasks in the assignment was to write an article on an ideal 2.0 version of yourself (like where would you like to be in the next 5-7 years), this task helped us to get some clarity with regards to our goals in life and start working to achieve that goal from today. Another task in this assignment was to find out our personality type using an online personality test, and those interns who had similar personality types were brought together in one WhatsApp / telegram group. This was another masterstroke as we got to interact and make connections with many like-minded people.
  • Week 2 (Law of Marketing) – The week 2 lesson focused on various concepts including marketing, communication, economics, traditional vs digital marketing, integrated digital marketing and much more. The assignment task for this week was to write a 1000 words article on what we learned from that week’s video and publish it on any online platform such as Medium or LinkedIn. This task helped us to get started with one of the most important modules of digital marketing, which is content writing. Many interns probably wrote a 1000 words article for the first time in their lives, including me. Here’s the link to my article.
  • Week 3 (Discovering your profitable niche) – The week 3 lesson focused on one of the most difficult aspects for any digital marketer – Niche Selection. Selecting one niche to focus on when you have multiple interest areas is a tough job. However, Deepak came up with an awesome formula to help us get some clarity as to what niche we should select. The assignment worksheet contained a list of open ended questions regarding our passion, talent and market needs.
  • Week 4 (Creating your WordPress blog) – The 4th-week lesson focused on building our personal blog/website. Because having a personal blog/website is more important for a digital marketer than a resume, it is proof that they can do digital marketing (not just know digital marketing). Various steps are needed to set up a blog/website on WordPress from domain name selection to hosting provider decision to selecting a suitable theme for the blog/website, everything was covered in this week’s lesson. 
  • Week 5 (Becoming the King of Content) – The week 5 lesson focused completely on content, different types of content, content creation, distribution and more. One of the assignment tasks for this week was to create video content on any topic related to our niche. This was challenging and pushed many interns to get out of their comfort zone and face the camera. Thanks to the Internship, this task led to the creation of my first ever YouTube channel – DigiDesai Digital Marketing, something I was procrastinating for a long time. 
  • Week 6 (Social Media and Networking Mastery) – This week’s lesson focused on building our own tribe along with the effective use of social media and how entirely depending on social media is not favorable. The assignment for this week further pushed us out of our comfort zone as we had to conduct a live webinar using Zoom on any topic in our niche with a minimum of 3 participants in the meeting. 
  • Week 7 (Lead Generation) – This week’s lesson emphasized on email marketing, lead magnets, B2B and B2C lead generation. Email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Convertkit were used for creating landing pages and email broadcasting. One of the tasks in the assignment was to create a landing page with a lead magnet to attract B2C leads. Here is the landing page with a lead magnet I created as a part of the assignment from which I got more than 25 leads.
  • Week 8 (Mastering Facebook Ads) – The week 8 lesson focused on advertising on Facebook and Instagram, creating ads that convert, creating custom audiences for your ad and tracking your blog/website audience using the Facebook pixel. We were given a task to run 2 ads on Facebook:
  1. Traffic Ad to my Blog / Website.
  2. Conversion Optimized Ad to the landing page created in the week 7 assignment.
  • Week 9 (Mastering Google Ads) – This week’s lesson focused on paid advertising on Google. We created and set up our Google Ads account. The assignment tasks for this week were to create ads on Google through these campaign types: Search, Display and Video campaigns.
  • Week 10 (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) – The week 10 lesson focused on SEO and its components. The assignment task for this week was to write an SEO optimized article of more than 1000 words on any topic focusing on a set of keywords, and the article you are reading right now is that article. I am sure you landed here after searching for something like ‘Digital Deepak Internship Review’ or ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program Review’ on Google. This is what this internship is all about – immediate implementation after learning. 
  • Week 11 (Deep Marketing Automation) Week 11 focused on automating the process of generating leads and communicating with each lead in a personalized way. Many new tools were introduced and used in this week’s assignment such as Typeform, ConvertKit, Zapier, and Instamojo. We executed an email marketing campaign with personalized emails (based on lead data) to leads using conditional content tags so that a personal touch is added to each and every email.
  • Week 12 (The Natural Sales Method) – The final week before the bonus weeks began, was on the most important skill every marketer should possess – Selling. The lesson taught us how to convert warm leads with the power of influence and persuasion. The assignment for this week was challenging as well as exciting. We were asked to make real sales calls to our prospective buyers by asking them to book a Free call with us through Calendly (A tool used for booking appointments for one-to-one interaction).

Digital Deepak Internship Fees (Is the internship actually Free or Is there a catch?)

To be a part of this internship program, you need to pay a certain amount as a security deposit, which will be refunded to you in the form of cashback every week. In every batch, the amount of security deposit varies depending upon the content and modules (the actual amount will be revealed in the launch webinar), if you wish to attend the launch webinar, you need to apply for the internship through this application form first.

The most catchy part when it comes to the Digital Deepak Internship is its unique cashback system. 

Yes, you will get paid to learn digital marketing if you complete the assignments correctly and submit them within the deadline date. 

Now you might ask, “What if my assignment is incorrect, will I lose the cashback?”

To solve this query, from batch 4 onwards, one new feature was introduced that is, 100% assignment approval guarantee, which means, if your assignment will be incorrect then it will be rejected, however, you will be given 7 more days to rectify the assignment and re-submit for approval (which I think is a win-win situation for us interns as we don’t have to worry that we will lose our money), the only condition here is to submit your assignments within deadlines.

Who Is Eligible To Join The Digital Deepak Internship Program?

This internship program is suitable for all those who are passionate about digital marketing and want to learn more about it. 

In my batch 4, there are interns who are students (the majority), working professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs from different age groups with one motive to learn digital marketing and apply it in their professions.

Students: You can learn an important skill – Digital marketing, which is one of the most in-demand skills in the market right now and get a job in this industry.

Working Professionals: Digital marketing is an added skill that will help you in your professional career.

Business owners: Acquiring customers and increasing revenue is always the primary motive for any business, effective digital marketing can help with quality lead generation and help businesses achieve more.

Entrepreneurs: Being an entrepreneur, you will already be facing tough competition in the market, in order to stand out from the crowd, entrepreneurs can take their business online and use digital marketing techniques to grow their start-up.

This program is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level digital marketers, not digital marketing experts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I receive a lot of questions with regards to the Digital Deepak Internship Program and below are a few of them:

  • If the Program is Free, How does Digital Deepak earn?

Ans. The program is free only for those who sincerely complete their assignments and submit them on time. And according to Deepak, the assignment completion rate is usually more than 90%, which means the 10% who miss the deadline and are unable to submit the assignments on time, their cashback is rejected, which is a source of income for Digital Deepak.

  • I have seen many blogs and answers on Quora by Deepak’s interns who in a way promote the internship program itself. Are the interns asked to promote the digital deepak internship program through the assignments? 

Ans. Part of your query is true, Deepak does ask us to link his website and mention the internship program in the assignments, but it is optional, if we interns wish to mention it, then only we give a link to his website or the internship application link. He asks us to do that because it helps him to get backlinks (which is an important factor from SEO point of view), but it is not compulsory, he has never forced us to do anything like that. Even this article you are reading right now is my choice of topic, no one from team digital deepak asked us to write anything like this.

  • Is it possible to join this program along with a full-time job? Some live sessions are at 11 am or 4 pm, it is not possible to attend it at that time because of our job.

Ans. Yes, it is possible to do this internship along with your full-time job. You need to invest only 3-4 hours per week in order to complete the assignments. The live sessions conducted are recorded and the recording is provided to everyone which you can watch after your office hours.

  • I am in the final year of my graduation, should I join the program now or after my final exams are over?

Ans. Digital marketing is a skill you can learn immediately after HSC, it does not require any qualification apart from your passion to learn it. Since you are in the final year of graduation, I would suggest you focus on exams first and then join this internship program, but if you are confident to manage both then you can join the next batch.

  • As a part of the assignments, we have to run Facebook and Google ads, who is going to bear this cost, is it included in the internship fees?

Ans. No, the cost of Facebook ads is to be borne by us (which is usually less than ₹500, that too you can pause the ads after some time if you do not wish to spend more), it is not included in the internship fees. And when it comes to Google Ads, spending money on ads is not compulsory, however, Deepak suggests spending a few hundred rupees will give you a lot of experience in how the system works.

  • What percentage of people get their money back, how much is the assignment completion rate?

Ans. All those who complete their assignments correctly and submit on time, get their money back and now with the 100% assignment approval guarantee, everybody will get their money back as long as they don’t miss the submission deadlines. The assignment completion rate is usually more than 90%.

  • What are the additional costs involved apart from the Internship fees?

Ans. The additional costs include spending on Facebook and Google ads as mentioned above, and another cost incurred is in the setting up of your website/blog on WordPress (the cost of domain name + hosting is less than ₹1500)


This article on Digital Deepak internship program review is based on my experience and understanding of the program as an intern of batch 4. 

I have completed many paid and free courses on digital marketing in my journey as a digital marketer, but this internship program has been the most beneficial one for me because I took action in this one, maybe because of the fear of losing my investment, but that is the whole point of the Digital Deepak Internship, it is for action takers. 

I have tried to cover most of the points related to the internship in this article along with the frequently asked questions, if I missed something or if you have any other questions with regards to the internship, please let me know in the comments section below.

To know more about this program, you can search on Google for Digital Deepak Internship Review and you will find many review articles like this one written by his students and interns. You can also check those out before joining.

And if you have already made up your mind to learn digital marketing through this unique internship program, apply here today to become an intern at Digital Deepak – Digital Deepak Internship Application Form

Attend the launch webinar after applying, this webinar will be conducted by Deepak Kanakaraju and/or his team members and then you can decide if this program is fit for you or not. 

Applying for the program is absolutely free, so why not go ahead and check out this opportunity. Good Luck!

If you are already an intern of this program, please share your experience with the program in the comments section.

Thank you for reading. Hope this article was helpful.

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