Hello, Welcome back to the Digital Marketing Tool of the Week Series.

In the previous blog post we checked out LinkTree – A tool to add more links to your Instagram bio.

This week we will have a look at an amazing tool called AnyImage.io

Anyimage.io is a free tool that helps you to create clickable social cards to drive significantly more traffic from social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Tool of the week: AnyImage.io

(Watch this video for a step by step tutorial)

What is it?

AnyImage.io is a free tool that helps in creating clickable social cards linking to any website of your choice.

What is a Clickable Social Card?

It is a social post that contains an image, title and description. The best part is the entire card is clickable, which means if you click on any part of this card, you’ll be taken to the webpage it has been linked to. The card also includes a title and description which can be used to include your own call-to-action. Here is an example of a clickable social card on Facebook:

AnyImage social card on Facebook

What does it do?

Drive traffic from social platforms to your website. When people click your social card on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, they will be redirected to your website.

How to use it?

Go to AnyImage.io

Sign up for a free account. To know more in detail, watch the video above for a step by step tutorial.


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